The Art of Immersion     

Augmented Reality - Virtual Reality - Mixed Reality

What is XR ?

Extended reality or XR is a general term given to all computer-generated environements that either merge the physical and virtual worlds or create an entirely immersive experience for the user. 

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for Marketing.

Make 3D Real-Time Imagery in AR/VR to activate, collaborate, make decision and anticipate the market


for Commerce

Amazing solutions for taking decisions and colaborating in 3D immersion with your customers


for Market Research

Be predictive and anticipate the market with 3D experience for measuring shopper behaviour.



Implement 3D at scale on your site. From 3D creation and management to online integration, deployment and analytics, we deliver a holistic solution for immersive e-commerce.

XR[3D] Digital VideoXR[3D] Digital

XR[3D] Advertising  

Embed and customize 3D on your ads, a great way for consumers to discover products and raise brand awarness.

This solution is compatible with all ad networks and ad servers, delivering a programatic 3D.


XR[3D] Social Media


As a three-dimensional, visual medium, augmented reality (AR) is a powerful tool for brands looking to tell richer, more engaging stories about their products to consumers. Recently, we brought XR[3D] to SoMe, following  updates from platform developer such ARCore, ARKit and SparkAR to help creators build more immersive experiences. 


XR[3D] Web AR

Implement Augmented Reality experience for any use case.

Shoppers and consumers can try your products on themselves (Body) or try them out in their own environment (Place).


XR[3D] Packaging

By turning packaging into digital discovery channels increase transparency about your products.

Create meaningful moments of assistance, drive purchase intent, loyalty and repeat sales. Integrated these channels and short form experience can be managed in real time effectively and efficiently at scale..


Virtual store

Virtual store is a 3D immersion tool for retail measurement. This unique tool show exactly how your product or store can perform in the marketplace using information on sales, market share, distribution, pricing, promotional activity and merchandising. Understanding your product and category performance, along with best-in-class client servicing and analytical support, will help you make decisions on key issues for your business – from distribution strategies to category growth opportunities..

XR[Store] Video

Point of Sales

Test your packaging designs in a virtual 3D retail environment, see your new designs on the shelf next to the competition, test the visual impact of your latest design in the store environment. Build at scale, choose, select and move all your store touchpoint.

XR[Store] Video

Market Research

XR[Store]™ is a immersive shopping experience designed to radically transform how the retailer and manufacturer conduct shopper research.

Eye-Tracking in VR Headsets

With XRstore, clients can create remarkably realistic and immersive three-dimensional, 360-degree store simulations.

Immersive Store Testing

With these simulations, survey respondents can realistically shop in a store as they normally would. Using a virtual environment offers many advantages. First immersive store testing eliminates the unnecessary risk of trial-and-error execution. That’s because clients can perfect aisles and point-of-sale materials before implementing physical changes in stores. Immersive store testing also gives clients the flexibility to test future scenarios quickly, away from competitors’ eyes and without disrupting the store.

XR[Store] Reserach Video

How to meet the mobility challenges of tomorrow ?

 XR[City]™ is a virtual environment to visualize your mobility solutions, measure their impacts, validate their solutions, and communicate on their implementation. 

“The Art of Immersion”

Jean-Bastien Voisin


Jean-Bastien is working on disruptive innovations using 3D XR in order to shorten the decision processes. He has been a pioneer in virtual reality and 3D real-time rendering for the CPG market (Consumer Packaged Goods) for 15 years ago, dating back to his first virtual store for P&G.

Tel: 32 0475.29.56.28

Thierry Jourquin


Thierry is working  with the marketing and media industry, integrating creativity and technology. He has worked on behalf of an range of media major brands, including RTL, Vivendi, UBM, Roularta and Kinepolis. He recently contributes to the digitalisation and integration of 3D and 4DX in the cinema.

Tel: 32 0475.80.06.04

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